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A Bayesian classifier in Clojure. Part 1

Sometimes you need to classify incoming data. In most interesting cases you have to use machine learning for that. In this series of posts, we'll see how Clojure can be used to build a classifier microservice. The first post goes into details of statistical classification theory and doesn't even mention Clojure (yet!).

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Query traces

What a wonderful time it is, if you work on performance of a Rails application! There’s a bunch of services (New Relic, Skylight), a great deal of performance-related gems, like rack-mini-profiler and whatnot.

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A powerful way to deploy to Heroku

…If we already are here, in this chat, let's also deploy here! And let all stages and the deployment result be obvious. This story tells how I implemented such a scheme.

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Redcarpet fix released

Finally Redcarpet 3.3.3 has been released. This version includes my fix. If you use Redcarpet, update the version spec in your Gemfile:

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How I spent two weeks hunting a memory leak in Ruby

This is a story about hunting a memory leak. A long story, because I go into much detail…

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