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I have three backgrounds. First, I’ve been programming since I was 10. In the last years I’ve been working as a lead developer in different web startups, focusing mainly on backend and devops. Here’s a list of things I was mostly working on:

  • Designing and implementing the backend cache; optimizing single endpoints.
  • Implementing REST APIs.
  • Implementing microservices.
  • Creating server-side functions for PostgreSQL, making certain app aspects more effective.
  • Creating C-based Ruby gems (like this).
  • Refactoring existing code to make it more modular, easier to understand and reason about.
  • Curating upgrades (Rails 3 to Rails 4, RSpec 2 to 3, etc.)
  • Implementing monitoring solutions (Graphite, StatsD, grafana, and custom monitoring apps).
  • Provisioning AWS servers with Ansible.
  • Developing tools which greatly simplify the life of other developers (like my deploy system).
  • Solving really hard problems like this memory leak.
  • Finally, just implementing features :)

My second background is science. Back in 2011 I got a PhD from Institute of Automation and Electrometry (Novosibirsk, Russia). I worked in two fields: signal processing and machine learning. As such:

  • Knowledge of machine learning techniques allowed me to implement an efficient spam/ham classifier microservice for one of the projects.
  • The scientific method was crucial in finding the memory leak. It was all about making and verifying hypotheses in a systematic manner.

The third background is teaching. I’ve been working with first- and second-year students in my alma mater since 2002. Currently I teach a C++-based OOP course. My teaching experience makes me never freak out when seeing bad code, but rather find and suggest ways to improve it. Therefore I often act as a mentor, giving advice to my colleagues; they find it valuable.

The startups I worked with mostly used Rails, but not exclusively. Apart from using plain Ruby, I’ve used Clojure to implement some internal apps and services. I’m very fond of this language and plan to use it further – with ClojureScript and Datomic, where possible. I’m also a C++ expert, but that’s another story.

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